Ballooning Marvellous

Before Mini Mixtures was born I did what I imagine many expectant Mums do, I got hooked on Pinterest looking for nursery ideas. We didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl so it was important to have a neutral theme. Despite being inspired by highly creative wall murals (like this) and hand carved rocking chairs, we eventually plucked for a jungle theme and went for the lazy easy option of wall decals.

When it hot air balloonscame to choosing a mobile, despite there being many jungle themed mobiles on the high street, I found them all to be quite big, white, plastic and bulky. While looking for alternatives I came across LovelySymphony on Etsy, who makes the most beautiful mobiles. Hubs and I met in Bristol so hot air balloons seemed very appropriate in honour of the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. As my Friday nights were becoming distinctly less exciting as my belly continued to swell I decided to take advantage of this newfound Friday night sobriety and try making the mobile myself. I quickly stumbled upon this fantastic online tutorial. (Thanks Joy Kelley!) My luck continued as my talented Auntie then offered to make the mobile as a welcome gift to Mini Mixtures.

She did not let us down. Her first attempt was so good, that another relative snapped it up and she had to make another all over again. She deviated from the tutorial a bit and altered the top of the mobile as she had difficulties balancing the first one. It’s fantastic because even the slightest breeze causes the balloons to spin, and the very first thing that Mini Mixtures smiled at that wasn’t Daddy or Mummy was her mobile which is the greatest testimonial there is.

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