HOLIDAYS WITH KIDS – take them or leave them?

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, which can only mean one thing; the summer holidays will be upon us soon.

The word holiday carries an entirely different meaning once you’re a parent. Katie Kirby in her book “Hurrah for Gin” refers to them as “hellidays”, but does that always have to be the case?

There is no denying, holidays with small kids are a VERY different experience to those laid back child-free vacations, but it doesn’t mean that without a bit of preparation, they can’t be a “different” kind of fun too.

If you’re planning a holiday of sun lounging, reading books undisturbed by the pool and drinking the bar dry until the early hours, then a holiday with kids will only disappoint you (or possibly leave you locked up in prison)! Likewise, if you spend your whole holiday comparing it to that kind of holiday, you’re going to be miserable.

Holidaying with small kids is challenging. Like with many situations that you have limited control over, I believe it’s best to roll with it rather than try to fight it. Or sweet talk some grandparents into babysitting so you can book your own child free escape.

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