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Back in November I had the most fun experience which I have been unable to share with you until now. Mini Mixtures, my Mum and I made some lovely Christmas gifts for family members and a surprise Birthday gift for my Husband. I wanted to make something personalised as a keepsake while MM was still so small, and I knew just the place.

For years now I have walked past ‘Paint Pots’ in Brighton, just below Brighton Station, and longed for an excuse to go in there and create something. Now I have finally been, I regret not having gone sooner. While the activity of decorating ceramics is fun, the owner Vicki really makes Paint Pots the fantastic experience that it is. When I first called to enquire about booking an appointment to do some baby footprints she was incredibly helpful and informative, and by the end of our conversation I was eager with anticipation.

The appointment did not disappoint (perhaps too many appoints in one sentence? But I digress..) Vicki was incredibly warm and welcoming. We were immediately put at ease and told that we were welcome to bring in any hot drinks we wanted from one of the many coffee shops locally. When I asked if I could feed and change a grouchy MM first, Vicki positively encouraged me to so that MM was in a good mood to have her feet painted. Vicki got perfect prints, which I later discovered is no small feat ( if you’ll pardon the pun!) when trying to do them for Christmas cards later that month!

painting pots with Vicki

Foot prints

The paints are non-toxic so they’re perfectly safe for little feet

painting pots

The vases work perfectly with footprints and make a sweet gift

Aside from Vicki’s professionalism she is also incredibly witty, and while the shop began to fill with other Mums wanting to make prints, a six year-old who had come to paint a plate for her Birthday with her Dad, and a young student painting a ceramic teddy bear for his girlfriend, Vicki managed to provide us with all the necessary attention and made entertaining conversation with everyone about the room.

With Granny Mixtures

Having fun with Granny Mixtures who was painting a teapot for Grandad Mixture’s Birthday


Vicki was great at explaining different techniques for different results.

The finished products!

Two of the finished products!

My Mum and I had so much fun, and even better, all of the recipients loved their gifts. I couldn’t recommend ‘Paint Pots’ more highly. If you live locally to Brighton, or just visiting like me, you should check them out. You can find them online here and on Facebook here.

Love P x

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  1. Oh this is fantastic! I love the pots they are so cute. We have a similar thing near us and we took Boo to make Christmas gifts, we made a lovely photo frame with her name, dob and hand/foot print on and a goblet with her hand print on too. I can’t wait until she is older and can paint things herself, I am going to have a house full of the stuff!

    • I’m so sentimental about these kind of things. I can imagine them stacking up over the years! It certainly won’t be my last trip there! We don’t have anything like it over here which is such a shame because I’m sure it would be popular! P x

  2. Hi Polly
    I just love reading your blog and hearing all about how MM is growing.
    In fact I love it so much I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award.
    Have a look at my page for more details!
    Look forward to reading your post soon!
    Nat (&Ella!!) xxx

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