SLEEP SOLUTIONS – Let sleeping parents lie

When you become a new parent, your conversations will generally revolve around three things:

nappies – of which there are plenty,

feeding – there is always too much or too little and

sleep – which you can basically give up on.

What’s that? You are a new parent and you are sleeping?! Don’t tell anyone that, they’ll only hate you.

There’s a good reason why parents only hang out with other parents 99% of the time. “Oh, I didn’t do much this weekend.” My child-free friend said nonchalantly, “It was pretty boring. I slept through most of it.” Are you kidding me?! What once constituted a dull weekend is now the stuff of my dreams, if I had the chance to dream that is. The thing you just did when you weren’t doing anything interesting suddenly becomes a rare and prized commodity.

Want to know what new parents argue about the most? I can almost promise you it’ll be over who is the most tired (and for the record, it is always Mum who is most tired).

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